Heating Systems

Why Heat a Greenhouse?

Heating a greenhouse is to sustain plants and the growth of it year round. There are many different styles and sizes of heater and heating system available.

We at Econoheat offer a variety of heating solutions at competitive prices for the hobbyist grower as well as for the commercial grower for both the flower and vegetable market.

Heating systems that is available ranges from Air heaters, Diesel heaters – both direct fired and indirect fired, Heat-pumps, for hot water heating and under soil warming cables for the propagation of seedlings and cuttings.

Air Heat systems:

Hot air heating can be done through indirect or direct diesel heaters, Fanjet heaters with heating elements or, even using a coal fired air boiler, which is commonly used in the tobacco industry to dry leaves. The hot air of these heaters is normally distributed through plastic ducting, which are punched/ perforated according to the distance traveled and the volume of air flow.

For The Hobbyist we offer 3kw and 5kw fan heaters for small greenhouses

Hot water heating:

The main advantage of hot water heating is that it distributes the heat evenly throughout the greenhouse. The energy source can be a boiler powered by a combustion diesel burner or, it can be a coal fired boiler.

It can also be a heat pump system that is very energy efficient and requires less maintenance.

The heat is controlled via a thermostat and a 3 way valve which controls the hot and cold water inlets into the system.

Under soil Warming for Plant propagation and cuttings:

Under floor heating cables is available, ranging in size from 3 square meters up to 27 square meters that is controlled via a thermostat for optimum root heating. This ensures a healthy and viable plant.

A heat pump system for multiple propagation areas can also be effectively be used. This is usually installed by a professionally trained team of installers.