Thermal Roof Screening Systems

Thermal roof screens are used for a variety of reasons, such as:

Providing uniform shade during the hottest time of the day and therefore reducing the temperature by 5-10 degrees. At night, the screen is closed to reduce heat loss and to maintain higher night temperatures.

Reducing the fuel expenses or electricity bill by reducing the heat loss and air volume.

When you close the screen during the hottest time of the day, it enhances diffused light, which results in less fruit burn and better production.

Controlling air movement which results in better cooling.

There are two basic types of thermal screen materials, namely an open screen which lets air through and a closed screen, which saves energy by keeping the heat in.

Open screens are mostly used to provide shade and allow air to move through, when naturally ventilated structures are used with roof top vents,

Closed screens, do not allow air to move through and are mostly used as an energy saving screen during the winter to reduce heating cost.

There are also Blackout Screens available, which are used in the flower industry to control the day light lengths, which help manipulate stem growth or flowering.

Econoheat supplies cloths from Svenson or Bonar TF and the types of cloths that are used are selected according to client needs.