About Us

Econoheat Pty Ltd has been part of the agricultural industry for over 25 years and over those 25 years our staff has collectively built up a 50 year knowledge base, in terms of greenhouse manufacturing, control environment systems, as well as services and repairs on various structures and systems.

Over the years, we have been successful in completing various projects, ranging all over the board from Domestic to Commercial farming, as well as in the Educational and Research sector.

Here at Econoheat we design and build a range of our own tunnels, Multi span and net structures and are able to adapt structures to the customer’s requirements and specifications. By working with the leading suppliers in the industry, we bring the latest technology in undercover farming and make sure to represent and market a variety of imported structures and equipment.

Econoheat, One Solution Covers It All.

Currently at Econoheat we hold a CIDB grading, as well as a BEE Level 2.

Our Mission:

We are a one-stop agricultural solution company, where we pride ourselves on providing our customers with competitive and quality greenhouse products.

Our Vision:

  • Excellent installation and after-sales services
  • Development of innovative designs
  • Ensuring growth and improvement within the industry

Our Value System:





  • Belief in honesty and transparency in all deals
  • Belief that customer satisfaction is key
  • Belief in the fact that our staff is our greatest investment
  • Belief in the idea that work should be done right the first time round
  • Refusing to compromise on any aspect of the job
  • Belief in quick turnaround times on quotes, projects and installations

Our Team









Sharon Scheepers – CEO

Sharon started Econoheat cc t/a Multigrow and managed the company for more than 12 years. When they started out, the company was an equipment supply company which grew into a turnkey manufacturing business.

As CEO, Sharon’s main focus is business building and marketing, staff training, and financial management.
Gerhard Scheepers – Operational Manager

Gerhard has been involved in the Greenhouse and Agricultural sector since 1985, and with his knowledge of mechanical engineering, has been instrumental in the design and development of various greenhouse structures and other innovative products (Solar Drying kilns for example).
His career started with a company called P Angrag and Sons – now known as Agrico – and for three years he gained invaluable knowledge about the development and manufacture of greenhouses, as well as the design layout of pump stations and irrigation.
When his time with Agrico ended, Gerhard moved into the private sector and for 5 years worked for, and later managed, a company supplying equipment to the chicken, pig, dairy and greenhouse industry.

In 1989, Gerhard and Sharon started Multigrow and developed their own lines of tunnels and multispan structures. Following this, Gerhard successfully developed a semi-automatic feeding system for the dairy industry, Solar Drying kilns for the timber, flower and fruit drying industries and finally developed a fodder drying tunnel for Animal Fodder Production.

Gerhard’s expertise also lies in controlled environment systems, providing optimal growing conditions within the range of tunnels Multispan’s etc.

Gerhard has been managing Multigrow/Econoheat (Pty Ltd) for more than 12 years now.
Leon Wakefield – Sales Manager

Leon started out as a stores and admin clerk for an equipment supply company to the chicken, pig, dairy and greenhouse market, and in 1985 he met Gerhard and they have worked together ever since.

Leon has been in the agricultural sector since 1985 and with all these years behind him, he has practical experience and training in the development and manufacturing of greenhouses, tunnels and greenhouse equipment.

As Sales Manager, Leon handles all internal sales, as well as the ordering of materials and equipment for the factory.

Along with Sharon and Gerhard, Leon has worked tirelessly to grow Multigrow and now Econoheat Pty Ltd.
Louis Venter – Factory Manager

Louis has over 45 years experience in aluminium work, structural manufacturing and installations – including 10 years experience in building various shopping centres in Namibia and Angola. Due to his extensive experience, Louis handles all manufacturing and in-house installations.